Arranging an initial psychotherapy consultation

For reliable trauma and stress management in Cromer or Norwich, contact Ned Henderson. I will be happy to help you.

Taking the first step

If you are unused to it, you may find the notion of talking about yourself, your life and your concerns a little unfamiliar and daunting at first. I will be happy to “take the lead” in the early stages, if you are new to counselling and psychotherapy, I can provide some structure to support you in getting started.

I offer an initial consultation where we can begin to explore the circumstances that have brought you to therapy and what you hope to get from it. You can also find out more about the counselling and therapy process, my approach to therapeutic work, and come to a decision as to whether I am the right therapist for you. If so, we will normally agree to work together for an initial six sessions at the end of which we will review how it is going. You can then decide whether you wish to continue for a longer period.

A safe and confidential setting

I work in a safe and confidential setting from my consulting room in North Norfolk where there is convenient off-road parking, and from a counselling centre in Norwich.

Regularity and consistency are important for good therapy. I offer both short term and long term psychotherapy. If you are seeking help to deal with an immediate problem or crisis, we may agree to work on a short term basis. Where problems are deep rooted and have persisted for some time, it is usually helpful to think in terms of longer term therapy to enable you to get to the roots of the problems which you struggle with. This opens up the possibility of a deeper process of change and longer lasting improvements in the quality of your life and relationships.

Arranging a session

For the initial consultation, I allow up to an hour and a half. Subsequent appointments last for one hour, and are often at weekly intervals, though sometimes more frequent, if it suits the individual and their circumstances.

My usual fee is £54, both for the initial consultation and regular appointments, though I have a limited number of reduced fee places for those on low incomes.

for psychotherapy, anxiety management and trauma counselling sessions.

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