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Integrative psychotherapy and stress management in Norfolk

Are you unhappy or anxious? Finding life a struggle? Feeling a sense of loss, or simply that there must be more to life? Perhaps psychotherapy and counselling can help. Contact Ned Henderson for more details.

Body Psychotherapy

See my short video for an explanation of body psychotherapy and what it could offer you

“ I felt shy about talking to someone about myself and my problems, but I am very glad I did in the end. Your help and support mean more than I can say. You gave me the courage to embark on my journey, I’ll never forget ”

– A Lady in her 50s
Looking for help?

Looking for help?

As a qualified and experienced psychotherapist, I have been working in Norwich, Cromer and North Norfolk both within the NHS and in private practice since 1995. I have experience of helping with:

Anxiety and panic
Low mood
Self-esteem and lack of confidence
Lack of direction, purpose or meaning in life
Stress and trauma
Weight related issues, fears, psychosomatic illness
Managing anger and difficult emotions
Destructive and unhappy personal and family relationships, and difficulties in forming and maintaining fulfilling relationships
Bereavement, divorce/separation, redundancy and other losses
Mental health issues
Sexuality and identity
and many other conditions. I also offer supervision.

a safe place

Good psychotherapy and counselling practice offers a safe, reliable and non-judgemental space where you can talk in confidence about anything that troubles you. Recent research shows that for a therapy… find out more information today.

Getting started

If you are unused to it, you may find the notion of talking about yourself, your life and your concerns a little unfamiliar and daunting at first. I will be happy to “take the lead” in the early stages, if you are new to counselling… find out more today.
sometimes we need help
People often think to themselves, “I should be able to sort this out on my own”. The reality is that we often find ourselves repeating self-defeating patterns in life, and end up frustrated and unfulfilled. This may show… find out more today about how I can help.
“The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new horizons, but in seeing with new eyes”.

I think this quote from Marcel Proust expresses the way in which a successful psychotherapy process can enable us to see things differently.

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